Freitag, 12. März 2010

We ♥

    When I come home you wont be there any more / And you will tear off your clothes and kiss the floor / When I come home, home, home
    When I see land you will conjuror up a storm / And I will tie your hand to the highest mast / When I see land, land, land
    And we will hustle hustle hustle to be free / Free from all the Happy thoughts and smiles under the sea
    In favour of the Mean, mean, moves / And back doors to the heart from where we / Always, always fall apart
    And you will slide on the back seat of my bike / And I will ride you home drunken in the rain /  And you will win again and again
    Now its your turn you will tie me to the tree / And you will sing and sing forever you and me / But in the dark you wonder what I see

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